Wealth Management

"Astrada Wealth Management Ltd is an investment managing entity autoregulated by the FSC and based in Tortola, British Virgin Islands and part of an international financial group."

Astrada Wealth Management

Astrada Wealth Management was founded by two Swiss partners and is composed with financial specialists in investments funds and portfolio management following the traditional Swiss approach to guarantee full satisfaction of our clients.

Timeless values

Responsibility, absolute independence, sustainability, availability: these timeless values are the core of Astrada Wealth Management’s success as part of an international group that is both proud of its past and confident in its future.

The origin of the brand

The brand is composed by Astrada’s logo and by a symbol.

The word Astrada has an Occitan origin which means “luck and wealth” and in order to strengthen this meaning we drew inspiration from an Occitan coin minted in Montpellier, Narbonne. This coin was commissioned by King Odo in 1196 in Toulouse, Languedoc. The four circles symbolize the king’s name ODDO.

The brand represents our will to be an remain loyal to the values on which this firm has been built on.

Our Services

Astrada’s investments funds

Our investment funds are managed with a philosophy that combines a continuous search for opportunities in the endless evolution of the markets with technical knowledge of more than 30 years in the field.

Astrada’s portfolio management

Specialists on portfolio management with a high degree of implication and responsibility towards our clients. Following the Swiss tradition, our team of professionals are always seeking the best financial solutions adapted to our client’s needs and satisfaction. Our strong convictions add a genuine value to our services to clients.

We firmly believe that capital preservation and creativity are the best powerful driver of long-term performance.

Think different

Message of the Chairman

During the last two decades, the fluctuations and volatility of the stock markets have been exceptionally irrational. This is a response of euphoria and panic from the current and on-going global situations. The human emotions are the great catalyst.

A new paradigm is emerging. The world is changing. Creative thinking is of the outmost importance. To think different is to invest smarter.

Luis Ortolà

Our presence

Astrada Partners Ltd,
Partner of Mantor SA

Astrada Financial SICAV plc

Latam Investment SPC Ltd
British Virgin Islands

Daestrada Investments Inc

Contact us

Need more information about Astrada Wealth Management and its financial services?

Astrada Wealth Management Ltd.
2nd Floor Marcy Building, Purcell Estate | Road Town, Tortola | P.O. Box 2416 | British Virgin Islands / /

'Think Different'

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